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E-mail Received


Clay, we have tried to call you several times since we received the beautiful "Texas Whale". We absolutely love it! It has a very special place on our living room wall. You are really talented to have thought of all the things that went into the whale - the hat on the tail, the "State of Texas" for the eye, the cowboy boots in the letters, the small antler for hanging, the Texas flag colors - it is just perfect! We are going to have some envious friends.

We were so pleased and surprised when it came in the mail. You did such a good job on it and it really means a lot to us. Thank you also for the note you sent. We feel honored to have some of your work in our home. If we ever get 'way off to New York, we will surely look you up!

Many thanks again.

Joyce and Charles
Hawkins, TX

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